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Sprowston's Not Lovin' It

McDonald's Mousehold Lane, Opposition

We are opposed to the idea of a McDonald's replacing Richard Nash on Mousehold Lane, Sprowston.


An Already Dangerous & Congested Junction

The proposed view from the junction between the A1042 (Mousehold Lane) and Corbet Avenue is deliberately misleading. This junction is difficult to see from the right hand side. The proposed plans show a missing 6 foot fence on the corner and makes it appear you can see way up Mousehold Lane. Instead, the reality is, you have to creep, look for cars oncoming (some well over the speed limit) and cars coming out of the BP Petrol Station and lastly, pedestrians crossing outside of the crossing area, when the lights are red. The potential traffic coming in and out of McDonald's will inevitably lead to more accidents surrounding this junction.

False concept of junction
Reality of junction.

One remark on the appeal decision was "the Council's Highways consultee are satisfied that there would be adequate visibility and pedestrian safety measures in place to ensure no highway safety concerns." It is extremely concerning that there has been a complete disregard to the 3 single car accidents at the pedestrian crossing since September 2023.

In each of these accidents, the safety rails have been compromised and taken months to repair. The accidents on at least two of these occasions were the driver being distracted. We sincerely hope that the massive increase in traffic entering/exiting this junction will not lead to a fatality!

Accident September 2023
September 2023, the driver had an itch on his leg!
Accident September 2023 - The car on the other side of the road!
Accident October 2023
October 2023, Unknown Cause
Accident May 2024
May 2024, driver hit the curb. Had to be extricated by fire service.